St. Teresa Catholic Church


  08/02/15:  From Getting to Giving: The Bread of Life Story
  07/26/15:  The Young Man With Five Barley Loaves
  07/19/15:  Jesus Wants His Church to Gather
  07/12/15:  Great Partnership
  07/05/15:  Weakness in Strength
  06/27/15:  Fully Alive or Spiritually Dead?  
  06/21/15:  God's Simple Expectations: Trust, Faith and a Good Attitude
  06/14/15:  Los Arboles Espirituales:  Como Crecer en la Fe
  06/07/15:  The Eucharist Unites and Transforms the Church
  05/17/15:  Never Forget and Live Out What He Taught  (Ascension)
  05/09/15:  First Communion Homily:  Jesus is in You!
  04/19/15:  Reaching Out to the Wounds of Christ
  04/11/15:  Fairytales Rollercoasters and Grieving with Hope
  04/02/15:  Priesthood and the Many Opportunities to Love
  03/15/15:  Nostalgia, Weeping by the River
  03/08/15:  The Integrity of the Temple
  02/01/15:  Listening to the Voice of Authority
  01/18/15:  Being at the Disposal of God
  01/04/15:  The Three Magi and Our Own Search for God
  01/01/15:  Mary Mother of God: Three Virtues (bilingual)

  12/25/14:  Gifts, Angel of Hope and the Spirit of Christmas
  12/21/14:  On the Little Big Things of the Christmas Story
  12/21/14:  Giving way to the Plan of God (Bishop Conlon's homily)
  12/12/14:  Rosas de la Virgen (Guadalupe Feast Day, Spanish)
  12/07/14:  Holy Conflict in the Season of Advent
  11/21/14:  Self-dedication and Presentation of Mary
  11/02/14:  Our Infinities: An All Souls Day Homily
  11/01/14:  On Saints and Souls
  10/19/14:  Give to Give... Everything!
  09/21/14:  The Transcendent Mystery and Generosity of God​
  09/14/14:  On The Triumph of the Cross
  08/31/14:  Who Will Fill These Shoes?
  08/30/14:  Fr. Tony Taschetta, St Teresa Church and the Vocation Shoes 
  06/08/14:  The Holy Spirit as Power and Guide
  06/01/14:  Jesus Ascends Into Heaven
  05/04/14:  On the Road to Emmaus
​  05/03/14:  Living Tabernacles!
  04/06/14:  La Muerte de Lazaro y Los Juegos de la Gente 
  03/30/14:  Universal Blindness and the Call to Integrity
  03/16/14:  On the Transfiguration of Jesus
  03/09/14:  ​Deacon Ron Whitman Lenten Homily
  03/06/14:  Fr. Michael Pawlowicz Lenten Homily
​  03/05/14:  Lent and the Beams of the Cross (Bilingual)
  03/02/14:  From Worry to Trust
  02/23/14:  Deacon Dave Marlowe: ​An Eye for an Eye
  02/16/14:  ​On Christian Excellence

  12/31/13:  Mary Mother of God: Strange Title, Divine Tension
  12/29/13:  The Holy in the Holy Family (Spanish)
  12/24/13:  Beautiful Christmas
  12/01/13:  Advent Spirituality
  10/27/13:  ​The Faithful, Compassionate, Humble Christian
  10/13/13:  From Suffering to Gratitude
  09/29/13:  On Being Church
  08/11/13:  Seeing and Thinking with Faith 
  07/28/13:  ​On Prayer and the "Our Father"
  07/14/13:  On the Christian Neighbor
  06/05/13:  ​Fr. Sunny's Homily on his 9th Ordination Anniversary
  08/26/12:  "I Am Just Your God, Asking You to Love Me"
  06/03/12:  A Three-year Old Boy and God's Purposefulness
  12/24/11:  God's Providence: a Christmas Homily
  07/31/11:  Why Go to Mass on Sunday

From Getting to Giving:  the Bread of Life Story
18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Great Partnership 
15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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